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"Look up to the sky." "There must be a fantasy".
#yoshitakaamano #finalfantasy #art
Can the lovely friend who sent me this package of beauty please identify him or herself?  ;)

crystmounts (loop) from beeple on Vimeo.

Free visual source material released under Creative Commons.
Cinema 4D project file: beeple-crap.com/resources.php

music: teebs - mondaze (goo.gl/fbwrWz)

more free VJ clips: vimeo.com/channels/beeple
info: beeple-crap.com
daily artwork: facebook.com/beeple
twitter: twitter.com/beeple
tumblr: beeple.tumblr.com

music: soundcloud.com/teebsio

Little Boat from nelson boles on Vimeo.

my new film. enjoy!

VIMEO FEST 2011 Finalist!

SXSW 2012 Official Selection Animation Category

Walter and Gracie Lantz Animation Prize

PISAF 2011 Yahoo Korea Prize

Aniwow! 2011

Animayo 2012 Special Jury Mention

What Is Lyft? from CypherAudio on Vimeo.

An introduction to Lyft | lyft.com

A direct to client commission.

Creative Director | Max Morse
Art Director | Meghan Newell
Animator | Mark Teater
Sound Design, Music & Mix | CypherAudio.


Replay App from Paulin Girard on Vimeo.

Replay, an Iphone App to make some videos.

Direction & Production at Stupeflix
Sound design & original soundtrack : Jean Patry
Voice-over : Beau Stephenson

HELF from simon landrein on Vimeo.

Extremely short story in a gas station.
Songs: _”plastic doll” by Dharma. youtube.com/watch?v=HZxLvd72xws&list=RDyIYa2ySQpiI
_”love camp” by Mcbaise. mcbaise.com/track/at-the-love-camp
_”keep pushing on” by John Maus. youtube.com/watch?v=7Ms9ip08xRg

who are we humans from thiago on Vimeo.

All animations and designs are made by me
tools used:
After effects
Cinema 4d
Audio from the Human Project

PAINT YOUR LIFE | SIGLA TV | REAL TIME | 2012 from mauro carlieri on Vimeo.

(Source: SoundCloud / Lido<3)